02 July 2007

Day 16

We hardly have any kids this week... It's sort of interesting. The chemistry in the room has definitely changed!

Tonight some friends of ours from the building next to us called up and asked if we wanted to go bowling... uh, duh! I feel like such a slacker for not bowling more the way it is. So we went to this place called Badger Bowl. Not a bad place, and they sort of had a fun event. It's called Red Pin bowling. When the red pin comes up as the head pin, if you get a strike you get a free game. Each game you have two chances to win a free game. Out of two games (four chances) I won three games!!! I was alittle excited! But other than winning free games we had a blast! We're thinking of joining a league all together come this fall!

So I tried a new recipe tonight for dinner. Salmon in a cream sauce! We both really liked it! The salmon turned out fantastic, the sauce was very interesting (yet strangely yummy), but the rice was sort of watery. The thing with the sauce is this... it's a tangy sauce... and it didn't really thicken... But we both agreed that it was tasty! It definitely made up for the watery rice. It's going into the pile of recipes we have to make again!

I was going to make banana bread tonight, but then I realized we ran out of eggs. :( I think I may have to stop by the store on my way home tomorrow night. I plan on making two loaves. One regular loaf, and one chocolate chip banana bread loaf! I'll tell you which one is better, and probably post the recipe as well!

I am looking forward to having Wednesday off!! I will sleep in! Enjoy some time with Otto, and possibly catch another Concert on the Square!!