22 July 2007

Weekend Update


This weekend State Street had a massive sidewalk sale called Maxwell Street Days! I thought it would've been bigger, but it was fun none the less! I ended up purchasing two ankle bracelets from one vender... and I love them!

We walked all the way up State Street to the capitol where the Farmer's Market was still taking place. We were told by some friends to try Spicy Cheese Bread! It was absolutely yummy!!! And you purchase it warm from the oven! We basically found a spot on the lawn and started digging in!

Otto was enjoying his Mocha and Spicy Cheese Bread during our little break near the capitol!

I was sipping my mocha and playing around with the camera!
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Smiley said...

Oops! Typo! Instead of "I was sipping my mocha and playing around with the camera!" I think you meant to say, "I'm a dork!"

Kris said...

Ha. Ha. Ha. Yeah, I don't think so! :P