09 July 2007

Day 20, 21 + Weekend Update

Friday: The kids convinced me to color more bubbles on the back playground! But this time they decided I needed to use more colors!!! I had a blast drawing them with the kids! (you can tell they were dying to help me out with all the scribbles around the bubbles)

I made some onesies for Teddy! I just bought plain ones and then used some permanent markers on them. I only wanted to do a couple, but you can only buy them in packs of five. So I had to try and find things to put on them... I think they are great! In case you can't read them they read: (from right to left) Busy Bee, Peanut, "Noob", iPoo, and Sweet Pea! As far as I could tell both Ed and Rachel thought they were cute... at least it's something for Teddy to wear!
I held the baby for the majority of the time, but decided I should probably share him, so I handed him off to Otto. As you can tell Mommy is supervising the feeding. Otto felt alittle awkward... he doesn't hold babies on a regular basis, but he did a great job! Although, funny story... Teddy ended up puking up the whole bottle one he finished it! Luckily no one ended up wearing any of that except Teddy himself!
On Saturday we ended up spending most of our day in Winona at the Blue Heron. It was way too hot to be outside for any amount of time. So we hunkered down in a coffee house playing cards and talking. But Becky showed up and bought a piece of cheesecake. She offered a bite to everyone, and Joanna and I thought it was amazing! So we went to go and buy our own piece! It was so good I had to take a picture and blog about it, but as you can tell we couldn't wait and took a bite out of it right away! If you ever get a chance go there and buy a piece! You won't be disappointed!!!
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Rachel said...

Ok, so permanent marker does not work as well on fabric as we could have hoped. I got lovely prints of the pictures on my belly after feeding him and they look a little smeared after being in the laundry. Everyone who has seen them loves them though!

Kris said...

:shrugs: At least I tried...

Maybe next time I'll look into fabric markers or something! Sorry to imprint you...

I will be sure to try something different next time!