18 July 2007

Day 27

I'm starting to introduce sign language into my classroom! I've waited to start because I wanted to be more comfortable in my classroom, take a chance to know my kids, and work with Bubbles so would could be on the same page. I created my first sheet to send home with the parents yesterday. The signs we started with are very basic (sit, stand, eat, drink, play, bathroom). I made sure these were signs the kids could start using at home. Now, I just have to begin using them in class.

I am so frustrated with the UW Health Care System already, and I haven't even been apart of it for a week! For my job I need to have a physical done; seems simple enough, right? Oh, you're so wrong! I called into a clinic yesterday and immediately they jump down my throat, "Who's you're Primary Care Physician?" PCP? Yeah, that sounds like a great name, by the way. I am going to love referring to my Dr as PCP. Either way, I just moved to town, I don't have one of those, but I guess I need to get one... So when I ask to make an appointment to get one they tell me they can't schedule me until JANUARY! Are you kidding me?! I just need a stinking physical!! I come from small towns where if I need to go in to see a Dr about something I just call up the clinic, and I can basically get in later that day if not the next day... obviously that's not the case in Madison! This just tells me that I can't get sick cause I'll never get a chance to go in to actually see someone! Although after talking to some co-workers I found out that after you get a PCP getting in isn't as hard, but it's getting that "in" to actually see one! Well, I called around and it turns out that I can see a "student dr", but not until September 4. That's much better than January, but I was assured that I could come in almost any time to have my TB test done. At least I found one nurse who was willing to try and help me out yesterday. Oh, and along that same lines... My Specialist from Gundersen gave me some names of Dr's to look into in the Madison area. While checking out my new benefits I found out that 1 of the 3 names was within my HMO, so I looked up the Dr, and it said they were accepting new patients! I called up and was crushed when I was informed that this Dr was in fact not accepting new patients... :( So, I called up my Specialist again in hopes of finding someone new, or trying to convince them to call up this Dr to take me... Hopefully when she gets back from vacation she can help me out!

Last night Otto and I went to a Madison Mallards game! They are a summer league like the Rochester Honkers or the LaCrosse Loggers. Otto asked earlier in the day if I wanted to go to the game since the Mallards were playing the Honkers (basically my hometown team). I was excited! It was a 7:05pm game, so I knew we could make it if we left right after work. Their field was not as nice as the one in Rochester, but our seats were pretty decent! I took my score book (because I love keeping the score of the game), and settled in to watch rooting for my Honkers! And they won! 8-4! Haha! I was very disappointed in the Mallards. I was hoping they would be able to step up to the plate and impress me, but no! We plan on attending maybe one more game this summer, and I hope they learn how to play a little bit better by then...

I think Otto may be purchasing a Wii game soon. We rented the Transformers game this weekend and the more he played it the more he liked it! So, we may have a new game to fight over! hehe!!! We're not actually fighting over the games, but give us time! ;)


Smiley said...

Does the physical have to be done in Madison? You could always come visit back here and get it done.

Kris said...

Unfortunately my coverage doesn't go over there... it stops just before La Crosse County!! AGH! So frustrating!!!

Smiley said...

Find some other place outside the city?