06 July 2007

Day 17, 18, + 19

Tuesday: The day just flew by! And we all had a blast keeping the kids talking about fireworks. Sometimes they say the funniest things when they try to explain things!!

Wednesday: NO WORK!

Thursday: During snack time I was enjoying some of my iced coffee. One child, who we'll refer to as Soybean, asked me what I was drinking, then proceeded to tell me their Dad drank coffee every morning with breakfast. The child sitting next to Soybean looked really confused, and then blurted out, "Girls don't drink coffee. Are you a boy?" I was so stunned I chuckled and responded, "What?" I will admit that I've been mistaken for a boy before, but never because I drink coffee! That is definitely a new one for me!

On the 4th we went to Concert on the Square... and I ran into this:Of course I made Otto walk over with me so I could get a picture of it! On the walk over I asked him if he thought they were doing their little contest where you have to sing the jingle... and then I contemplated singing if they that's what they were doing. Unfortunately they weren't, they just brought the vehicle to show it off because they were sponsoring the concert!

On Tuesday night I convinced Otto to go to Tranformers with me! I really liked it! As in, when it comes out I will most likely go out and purchase it immediately so I can watch it again!!!

When we got out of the movie Otto found a message from our friends in the next building, we'll refer to them at Ryan and Anne! They, some how, ended up with 2 Wii's... and they wanted to know if we wanted to buy the other one from them. We had a discussion about it, and decided we did! Come Monday we'll own a Wii!!! I extremely excited because it's not only a video game console, but you actually have to be up and moving to play the games!! Sort of a step above DDR!!!

Anyone who is interested in joining us we will be in Winona this weekend. The MN Symphony is playing a free concert at the Band shell at 7:30pm on Saturday, July 7th! We will be at the concert, and you should come too!! If you're there stop by and see me, if you can find me!