13 July 2007

Day 24

I got flowers from the child who scratched me yesterday, and an aoapology note. I appreciated it, but we still need to do something about this behavior. Any suggestions?

Gas dropped $.10 today... Seriously... it needs to decide where it wants to be and just stay there... and I'm hoping it decides to stay LLLOOOOWWWW!!!!

While I was home this weekend I got my fish tank back. My mom has been taking care of it since I moved down to Winona. So we moved everything to Madison with us. Here is what the tank looks like after we set it up:

And this is the massive Dinosaur fish! The picture doesn't do him (assuming it's a him) justice! When it came time to take him out of the tank for the trip I had a tiny little net that I had to balance him on... HE's MASSIVE! He scares me...
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Smiley said...

Ah, yes. The plecostomus. I don't know why you're so scared; ours was thirteen inches long when it died. Yes, seriously--over a foot long!

Smiley said...

On the kid... Use your CPI skills. Protect yourself first; stay far enough away so hands and feet can't reach you. Allow the child to vent, unless it's unsafe. For example: throwing food. Let it go. Then, after the breakdown is over, make the child clean it up. The most important bit is going to be the hardest for you: keep your mouth shut and don't give any sort of attention for the behavior. Give your choices (choice one is desired behavior, choice two is consequence, then desired behavior), and then back off. Know that you will get what you want, even if it takes hours. They all crack eventually.