16 July 2007

Day 25, 26 + Weekend Update


Today our class took a field trip to the Madison Public Library! The children's department was on the second floor so we had to lead the kids upstairs and it was amazing how quiet they were the whole way!!! And then they did a terrific job listening to the book the Librarian read to them "The Cows Are Going To Paris", when they were given the chance to look around the department they were on their best behaviors! I even heard the Librarian explain that she loved groups like ours; the kind that aren't afraid to partake in everything they have to offer (toys and play areas)!! It was a great field trip! And they all fell asleep during nap time as well!!

They are about finished with all the construction on the beltline in our area! I'm so excited! That means I won't have to sit in the sauna of a car for 10 min. after work every day... And luckily the construction is headed East, which is away from us!!! I can't wait!

Gas prices are between $3.19 and $3.15 so far this week. I'm hoping that it goes down soon. But one can never tell. This weeked in Dubuque the gas prices were around $3.14. I was suprised! Iowa usually have cheaper gas prices, but not this weekend! We did fill just for the sake of filling though, mind you, this was after visiting the Cold Stone!


These are our friends from the next building, Anne and Ryan! They got married on Saturday! While they were gone this past week Otto and I got to take care of their kitties... well, Otto took care of the kitties while I stayed far away! Their wedding was beautiful, and alot of fun! Otto knew some of the people attending since they all went to the same college. We spent most of our time talking to them and jsut enjoying our time. Anne and Ryan got back last night and stopped by our apartment to get their keys, and borrow a movie! They leave for the Bahamas next week, and we might get another chance to take care of the kitties... er, I mean, Otto will get another chance to hang out with the kitties!

Tried a new recipe tonight for dinner. BBQ Meatloaf! It turned out to be extremely tasty! I made some green beans to go on the side. It was a hit!! Otto gave me the go ahead to keep the recipe and make it again!!!! It was extremely easy to make, but it does take some time because you have to basically cook the meatloaf after all the prep time, but I guess you could combine and form the meatloaf earlier in the day and just place it in the fridge until you're ready to put it in the oven. Could cut down on the time! Either way, definitely one you must try, especially if you like meatloaf!!!

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Rachel said...

Gas prices were $2.99 in Pequot Lakes, MN on the 18th! You can bet we filled up as much as we could. :)