20 July 2007

Day 28 + 29

Pro: (Kerry is going to be jealous) All around the facility I work in we have structures connceted to the walls that dispense hand sanitizer! It's the coolest thing! I am definitely going to use it to its full potential when the cold and flu season starts! I even use it now!
Con: Kids waste so much food! More than half of the time it ends up on the floor or all over them, instead of in their mouths! I get extremely frustrated because FIRST-There are people who could use that food, SECOND-If they don't eat it then they complain they're hungry, THIRD-I have to clean it up! I just wish they'd eat it!

I saw the funniest thing the other day. While on a bus to a field trip destination we drove past a gas station, and connected to this gas station was a tanning salon. Hmmm... I'm sure people drive up to fill their gas tanks, and realize how pale they look, and of course they need to fix that problem immediately! So, I bet they park their car, check thier watch, realize they have time before they need to be at work, and enter the tanning salon! People here are so weird!

This a is a picture my friend Heather took when I first moved to Madison and we visited the Botanical Gardens! I eventually will develop the roll of film from that day as well!
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Smiley said...

:P on the hand sanitizer and a great big HAHAHA on the food. That's why I don't work with toddlers and preschoolers anymore. ;)