09 July 2007

Day 20, 21 + Weekend Update (Continued)

These are my two best friends! Jeb (who I have already posted a pic of) and Jo (who lives and works up in the Cities)! Jo found out I was coming into town for the weekend concert and drove all the way down to spend the weekend with us! This is one point in which she stole the camera from me and was taking random pics of people and what not! They are the greatest!! Jed ended up taking almost all of her work hours over the weekend off! It was positively wonderful to get a chance to spend a ton of time with them!!!!
This is my other really, really, really good friend Ribbit (She's basically family... my mom even treats her like a daughter!) She came to join us for dinner at Perkins and decided to tag along to catch the concert! As you can tell there are tons of people at this thing. We were sitting in the middle of the crowd... Otto and I went to the spot earlier in the day to stake a spot with a blanket and some folded chairs! We had amazing seats!
This is Otto's little brother Alex. I had to post this pic because it ended up looking so natural. Well, I did just snap the pic without telling him... He came to hang out with us, but ended up leaving before the concert started because he had band practice. He plays in a rap band... which I wish was more of an alternative type band. I've seen him in concert a couple of times and we love the bass (which he plays), the guitar, and the drums... but we're not so fond of the vocals. It's just that the only thing you can understand is (grumble, grumble, grumble-GODZILLA-grumble, grumble-F.BOMB-grumble, grumble)! And I'm not kidding when I say this... We think all they need is some understandable lyrics!
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